Holley EFI Stand Alone Kit 4.6/5.4 4V w/ NTK sensor

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holley 617n.jpg

Holley EFI Stand Alone Kit 4.6/5.4 4V w/ NTK sensor


Holley HP EFI systems are equipped with 4 programmable inputs and 4 programmable outputs that are ideal for most vehicles with a single power adder. This feature allows the user to configure the system to support a wide range of controls including boost control, progressive nitrous, water/meth injection, speed inputs, fuel pump control, AC inputs, timing retard inputs and various other uses. When selecting an ECU, users need to ensure their planned controls can be run with the 4 inputs and 4 outputs as certain combinations may use more I/Os than are available. If more I/Os are required, users should choose the Dominator VMS. ECU is certified to ISO 8846, SAE J1171 & United States Coast Guard Requirements for Ignition Protection & Fire Resistance.

Designed specifically for 1999-2004 Ford Modular 4 Valve Engines
Plug and play with factory sensors; Crank, Cam, TPS, Coolant Temp, etc
Plug and play with factory actuators; Coils, Injectors, IAC
Connectors for Holley Fuel Pressure and Oil Pressure sensors
Connectors for expanded Inputs and Outputs
Complete plug and play kit includes HP ECU, NTK O2 sensor, MAP sensor, Coil Drivers and all necessary Harnesses
The NTK Oxygen Sensor is recommended when using leaded or methanol fuels, high exhaust and forced induction applications or for highest precision feedback


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